Registration of cash transactions in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Parliament had strengthened the regulation on cash and bank card payments in Ukraine.

In case you deal with cash – you will need to have the cash registry Payment by card, through terminal is equal to cash transactions. So, starting from April 2020 cash registry becomes a must in activity of all small and medium sized enterprises who receives payments in cash or by bank cards.
Please note, that payments by card, acquiring systems, tokens are deemed cash transactions.

The cash register is obligatory for all business entities who deal with cash and use simplified tax systems (2,3, and 4 groups) starting from January 01 2021 (such business entities were excluded from the list of those who had to control cash payments).

Special transitional period is proscribed by the new law for private entrepreneurs. For instance, till October 01, 2020 if the size of income of PE (who uses 2-4th simplified tax group tax regime) does not exceed 1 mln UAH within 1 calendar year cash register is not obligatory, except for the following types of activity: ● sell of technically difficult goods, that are under guarantee;● sell of medicines and provide healthcare services.
Till January 01 2021 cash registry is not mandatory for use in Ukraine by PEs who use simplified tax regime (2-4 group) except for those, who:
● provide services (sell goods) through Internet;● sell technically difficult goods, that are under guarantee;● sell medicines and provide healthcare services;● sell jewelries, goods with jewelries;● sell secondhand goods (code of activity 47.79);● do restaurant, café activity;● provide travel services;● keep hotels and similar places for temporary stay (code of activity 55.10); ● sell textile (except for sell on markets for cash), details and equipment for vehicles (the list of which is defined by the act of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine).

The machine, that business entity plans to use in its business activity must be registered by the Tax service of Ukraine and this will take some time (formalities will take at least 5 business days). The type of the machine must be included in the list of accredited by Ukrainian authorities types of cash registration machines for use in Ukraine.

In case you receive payments only trough bank (bank to bank transaction) cash registry is not required. 

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