Employees of the foreign legal entity’s representative office

The legal status of an employee of the foreign legal entity’s representative office in Ukraine

Foreign legal entities have the right to establish representative office in Ukraine and involve foreign nationals to work in Ukraine.

The host party, that is, a representative office of foreign legal entity in Ukraine, is responsible for the lawful entry, residence, employment, departure of foreigners who are invited to work after the expiration of their stay in Ukraine.

Foreigner citizens and stateless persons who arrived in Ukraine for engaging in representative offices, may enjoy the right to obtain a temporary residence permit.

One of the issues that arise when hiring a foreigner to a Ukrainian company is to obtain a work permit, but in case of the employment of foreigners by the representative office of a foreign legal entity, no work permit is required.

Acquiring the residential status of an employee of the foreign legal entity`s representative office in Ukraine involves the following:

1. Obtaining the documents from the foreign legal entity representative office, registered in Ukraine (a request for assistance in visa and temporary residence permit issuing and a certificate of representative office registration);

2. Applying for visa type D in the consulate of Ukraine abroad on the basis of working in the foreign legal entity representative office in Ukraine. Please find additional information about visas here.

3. Submitting the package of documents to the Migration service office in Ukraine for temporary residence permit. Read more about temporary residency by this link.

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