How to register as private entrepreneur in Ukraine

Private entrepreneur registration in Ukraine

Ukraine resumes to develop and amend its legal system aiming to make our country more attractive not only for huge businesses but for small also. For example, the most common form of doing business in Ukraine is private entrepreneurship. It is the most popular form of small business, IT business and services. According to the statistics more than 1 763 000 private entrepreneurs (individual entrepreneurs) are registered in Ukraine.

Becoming a private entrepreneur (individual entrepreneur) in Ukraine is not a very difficult thing.

Generally, the procedure consists of the following stages:
1) getting Ukrainian tax ID number,
2) registration as PE at the center for administrative services (or at the notary`s office);
3) opening the bank account.

According to the law of Ukraine “On state registration of legal entities, private entrepreneurs and public formations” the following documents will be necessary for the private entrepreneur by a foreign citizen:
1. passport (and its translation into Ukrainian);
2. tax ID.
3. application form
4. confirmation of the address at which the private entrepreneur is registered as the business entity at the address of his/her residence.

The law establishes that the address of residence is the address where the person resides permanently or temporarily.

All the people who legally stay on the territory of Ukraine have to register their residential address (the stamp with the address of residence is imprinted in the Ukrainian documents such as internal Ukrainian passport, temporary/permanent residence permit, refugee`s certificate, references of the person who applied for the protection in Ukraine). Therefore, if you do not have one of the above mentioned documents you do not have to register your place of residence in Ukraine. And if you want to become a private entrepreneur – the lease or purchase agreement will be enough.

The private (individual) entrepreneurs are eligible to choose a simplified tax system and pay 5% Single tax of the gross income (UAH 5 million max.) from their business activity. The social fee must be paid also in the amount of UAH 819,06 per month.