Difference between temporary and permanent residence permit in Ukraine

What are the grounds and proceedings for temporary residence permits and permanent residence permits

What should you know about staying in Ukraine for more than usual tourist`s 90 days? You will have to get residency in Ukraine.

There are two types of residency permits in Ukraine: temporary residence permit and permanent residence permit, which differ in the procedure of acquiring (grounds for the issue) and the scope of rights that are granted with such a document.

Temporary residency permit is the official document, that gives the right to its holder to legally stay in Ukraine, leave and reenter the territory of Ukraine an unlimited number of times within the term of validity.

Temporary residence permits` validity term may be: from several months up to several years (for example, in case of the work permits 3-year validity or long-lasting international project etc.).

The law of Ukraine establishes the following list of grounds for getting temporary residence permit:

• Official employment;
• Participation in international projects for technical support (such programs should be registered);
• Performance of religious activity or invitation by a religious organization (officially registered and with permission to involve foreigners);
• Employees of affiliated companies or representative offices of non-governmental organizations of foreign countries, registered in accordance with the legally prescribed procedure in Ukraine;
• Employees of representative offices of foreign business entities, banks;
• Participants of international cultural, educational or scientific activities, prescribed in international contracts of Ukraine or specific programs, participants of international or regional volunteer programs, or participation in work of Ukrainian organizations that are permitted to involve foreign volunteers (there is a special governmentally approved list of such organizations);
• Education in Ukraine (it must be already arranged, not just an intent)
• Investing at least 100 000 EUR in Ukrainian business;
• Marriage with the citizen of Ukraine.

Moreover, before applying for temporary residence permit the applicant will have to get type D visa (read more about visas to Ukraine).

The permanent residence permit is another type of documents that give a foreigner the right to stay in Ukraine legally for a long period. It has no validity limits (lasts forever, but the document itself has to be replaced in certain cases), similarly to the temporary residence permit, it allows to stay in Ukraine, freely leave and enter the territory of Ukraine, employment by any company without obtaining a work permit. Therefore, the legal status is quite similar to the citizenship, but a bit reduced – no voting rights, no possibility to enjoy the right to own agricultural land, enjoy visa-free regime with EU etc.

The grounds for acquiring permanent residence permit are the following:

• Being a highly qualified specialist (that Ukrainian economy lacks);
• Being a scientist and/or cultural figure, whose immigration corresponds to the interests of Ukraine;
• Being an investor (who has invested at least 100 000 USD) in Ukrainian economy;
• Being a sibling, grandchild, or grandparent of Ukrainian citizens;
• Being a spouse of the Ukrainian citizen (the marriage shall last at least for two years);
• Being a former Ukrainian citizen;
• Being a parent, spouse, or minor of an immigrant to Ukraine;
• Being a military servant in the Armed forces of Ukraine (for 3 and more years);
• Being overseas Ukrainians;
• Being a legal guardian of Ukrainian citizens or person, warded by Ukrainian citizens person;

Before applying for permanent residency, the applicant is expected to obtain the immigration permission first.

It is worth noting that after the residency permit is issued, there is a duty to register the place of residency in Ukraine within 30 calendar days.