All you need to know about visa to Ukraine

How to get the visa to Ukraine?

The foreigners who aim to come to Ukraine must get the entry visa. However Ukrainian legislation prescribes the visa-free entry regime for the citizens of certain countries (the list is here).

In some cases, foreigners who are already on the territory of Ukraine on the grounds of non-visa regime must leave Ukraine to get a visa of special type.

Entry visas to Ukraine are issued by the Consulates of Ukraine which are located aboard of Ukraine. So, the foreigners can get the visa to Ukraine only outside of Ukraine. The only exception to this rule are the cases when a short-term or transit visa (that areup to 15 days can be gotten upon arrival to Ukraine in airports “Boryspil Kyiv” and “Zhuliany Kiev” by the citizens of certain countries: Australia, Bahrain, China, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and some other countries.

There are three main types of visas to Ukraine:

«B» – transit visa.
«C» – short-term visa.
«D» – long-term visa.

Now, let`s look at each visa type more detailed.

Short-term Visa C – is issued for foreigners, whose stay will not exceed 90 days for the last 180 days period. So visa C to Ukraine can be issued for 90 days maximum. It may be for one, two or multiple entries.
Visa C is the most commonly issued visa to Ukraine and it is issued for the following purposes: tourism, business travel or private visits.

In fact, visa C is not issued now for the citizens of the countries that are granted the visa-free entry regime.

Long-term visa D. Visa type D is a special multiple entries visa to Ukraine for 90 days` validity period. There are limited grounds for long-term visa issuing and it is required for those foreigners who plan to get residency in Ukraine. Visa D must be obtained by foreigners who are planning to get a temporary residence permit in Ukraine due to work in Ukraine, reunification with the family in Ukraine, studying in Ukraine or due to other grounds.

Transit visa B is issued in the cases when Ukraine is not the final country of the traveler’s destination. It can for one, two or multiple entries in case of transit through Ukraine (either passengers or luggage) by road transport). This visa allows staying in Ukraine for 5 days only (for each transit).

Documents required for visa to Ukraine.

To get a visa to Ukraine a foreigner must provide Ukrainian consulate with the following documents:

1) Passport, valid for at least 3 months after the planning trip to Ukraine.
2) Visa application form.
3) Medical insurance with coverage in the amount at least 30,000 Euro, valid in Ukraine.
4) Evidence of financial maintenance for a planned trip to Ukraine, such as bank statements or ATM receipts.
5) One photo 35 х 45 mm.
6) Document, confirming visa fee payment.
7) Document confirming the purpose of the trip to Ukraine.

For example, for getting a short-term visa C it can be an invitation letter, a document confirming tourism purpose of stay.

For a Long-term visa D a work permission, immigration permit, invitation from university, invitation from international NGO, a document which proves the family connection (for a unification of the family) be a document, confirming the purpose of the trip.

Visa fee

The price for visa differs depending on 1) citizenship; 2) age of the applicant.

Regarding the citizenship criteria: the standard visa B, C and D fee is 65 USD (130 USD for urgent consideration of the case), but for citizens of some countries visa fee is substantially higher - if visa for entry to such countries is high for Ukrainians, Ukrainian government sets the same price for entry visas for their citizens on the reciprocity grounds.

As for the age: there are discounts for minors, so visas for them are issued free of charge.

A foreigner may apply for getting visa irrespective of the previous duration of stay in Ukraine: even if there was an overstay, visa can be issued. But please note, if there was a fine imposed on you for the breach of the law, you will be required to pay it prior to the visa application. At the same time, the visa is not issued for those who were awarded the ban for entry.

Visa processing time

The usual time for visa issuing is 10 business days if the additional check is not necessary.
In case of payment of a double amount of visa fee, visa to Ukraine can be issued within 5 business days upon urgent procedure.



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